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Top 18 Places To Visit In Nepal

Top Places To Visit In Nepal

Nepal is a country which has a strip of level land that is partly forested, partly cultivated. Nepal is the slope of the main section of the Himalayan range, including Everest and many other peaks higher than 8,000 m. Besides this Nepal has a lot of destinations to travel. Here below are top places to visit Nepal. Here we go

18. Koshi Tappu – Wildlife Reserve:
Koshi Tappu

     The enchanted subtropical pine forest bluffs anyone with its aromatic presence in valleys like Barun and Langtang. The astonishing beauty of Lake Tilicho often outbids the value of filthy rich human being on earth. For the most part, the pacifying and self-explanatory images listed below give a glimpse of the stupendous nature that is still far from human invasion.

       “A premier location in Nepal for bird watching.The Kosi Tapu and the Kosi Barrage in east Nepal provide one of the best places in Nepal to view migratory water fowl, waders, and shore birds during the winter months. Many species not recorded elsewhere in the region have been seen here. Thousands of birds congregate here in January and February before they migrate north when the warm weather begins. Kosi Tapu Tented Camp situated on the fringe of the reserve provides the only accommodation to date. Well qualified nature guides take the guests out on walks, jeep drives and boat rides to look for birds and the wild buffalo found only here in Nepal. It is possible to combine this tour with SunKosi Raft Trip or with treks in the eastern hills.” -time-to time t (Tripadvisor)

17. Chitwan National Park
chitwan national park

     “Nestled at the foot of the Himalayas, Chitwan has a particularly rich flora and fauna and is home to one of the last populations of single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and is also one of the last refuges of the Bengal Tiger. Chitwan National Park (CNP), established in 1973, was Nepal’s first National Park. Located in the Southern Central Terai of Nepal, it formerly extended over the foothills, the property covers an area of 93,200 hectares, extends over four districts: Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Parsa, and Makwanpur.” -UNESCO

16. Lumbini

     “The Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC in the sacred area of Lumbini located in the Terai plains of southern Nepal, testified by the inscription on the pillar erected by the Mauryan Emperor Asoka in 249 BC. Lumbini is one of the holiest places of one of the world’s great religions, and its remains contain important evidence about the nature of Buddhist pilgrimage centers from as early as the 3rd century BC.” -UNESCO

15. Barun Valley
barun valley

     “Barun Valley provides stunning contrasts, where high waterfalls cascade into deep gorges, craggy rocks rise from lush green forests, and colorful flowers bloom beneath white snow peaks. This unique landscape shelters some of the last pristine mountain ecosystems on earth. Rare species of animals and plants flourish in diverse climates and habitats, relatively undisturbed by human kind.” -Wiki

14. Rolwaling Valley
Rolwaling Valley

     “Rolwaling is an inner Himalayan valley, considered to be a Beyal or holy sanctuary by the local Buddhist Sherpa inhabitants. The name Rolwaling means, ‘valley carved by a plough’ and its steep cliffs do indeed give the impression of a plough-carved furrow. It is a little-trekked area lying just west of Everest, and its forests and views are some of the best in Nepal. It was here in 1951 that the first Yeti footprints were discovered and photographed by Eric Shipton.” – Nepal watchers

13. Namche Bazar
namche bazar

     Better known as the Gateway to Mt. Everest, Namche Bazaar is the main trading center of Khumbu region.Today it's a major tourist hub, especially the starting point for Mount Everest climbers.

12. Badimalika

     “Badimalika Temple lies in Bajura districts situated around fifteen thousand feet from sea land. Its culture, landscape, biodiversity, climate, and people at large have valorized its pristine beauty. Moreover, Badimalika is a paradise in a real sense not only for those wanting to explore natural and cultural treasures but also for those who seek pacified life with meditating enlightenment.” – Hamro Malika.

11. Manang
manang valley

     “The Manang Valley, which lies close to the Nepal-Tibet border, offers tremendous opportunities due to its rich natural flora and fauna. Three tracks start from here. The first, via Thorangla, Muktinath, and Mustang to Lhasa—a journey that takes four days; the second via Naur Khola and Naurgaon, which takes five days to Lhasa; and finally the third via Larkiya Bazar, which is the one most commonly used by the people of Central Nepal.” -Wiki.

10. Panch Pokhari
Panch Pokhari

     “Panch Pokhari means the group of five holy ponds/lakes. This is just northeast of Kathmandu toward snow wall. Pach Pokhara is situated to the north east of Kathmandu. valley and west of Rolwaling Himal. It is pilgrimage place for Hindus and it has five holy ponds at the height of 4462mtr. The area offers cultural heritage, unsurpassed beauty, and biological diversity. The beautiful Himalayan range and pristine nature with different culture are major highlights of this trek.” – Adventure High Mountain.

9. Langtang Valley
Langtang Valley

     Langtang valley recently declared as a protected area lies to the north of Kathmandu Valley. The famous high mountain lake Gosaikunda, sacred to Hindus, also rest in the region.

8. Tilicho Lake
Tilicho Lake

     You first have to surpass the rugged terrain to see the panorama of beautiful turquoise Tilicho Lake.

7. Upper Mustang
upper mustang

     Once an index depend kingdom, although closely tied to language and culture to Tibet, Upper Mustang is located north of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain ranges in a Kaligandaki River Basin.

6. Gokyo Valley
gokyo valley

     This tranquil valley is more famous for glacier-fed Gokyo Lakes that are considered to be sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists.

5. Annapurna Base Camp
annapurna base camp

     Annapurna Base Camp serves as a gateway to one of the world’s most dangerous peak, Annapurna I, which has 38 percent fatality-to-summit ratio.

4. Khaptad National Park
khaptad national park

     Spread over four districts in the Far Western Region of Nepal, Khaptad National Park is named after religious Hindu guru Khaptad Swami.

3. Khumbu Region
Khumbu Region

     The northern part of Solukhumbu district is better known as Khumbu, which is home to the inhabitants of the mountainous region including Sherpa community.

2. Shey Phoksundo National Park
Shey Phoksundo National Park

     The only trans-Himalayan national park of Nepal provides a diversity of spectacular landscapes and ranks among the most scenic mountain parks in the world.

1. Rara National Park
Rara National Park

     The largest lake of Nepal also happens to be the most beautiful place in the country.

Source: GELAL Research Group

Have we missed anything? Please feel free to add up if you know some more beautiful places in Nepal.

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