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Madan Krishna Shrestha - Biography

Madan Krishna Shrestha is a Nepali television actor and comedian. Along with Hari Bansha Acharya of MaHa Jodi, he is considered as one of the best comedians of all times in Nepal. Madan Krishna Shrestha was born on April 19th, 1950. His mother, Laxmi Devi Shrestha, died during his childhood and that was the reason for his seriousness. He and his wife live in Dhobidhara, Nepal and he has a son and a daughter, both of whom reside in the United States.
madan krishna shrestha

Madan Krishna Shrestha became noted by Nepalese viewers and critics after his performance in Rashtriya Gaijatra Mahotsav in 2032 BS. Before meeting Hari Bansha Acharya, he had contributions in the art for 10 years. The duo has become a hit and has done many comedic dramas and events in all parts of the world. The MaHa Jodi has produced a lot of Drama & Telefilms based on the socio-political sector of Nepal.

TV Programs

1. Fifty- Fifty (Produced for NTV)
2. Santati (Produced for Reukai)
3. 216777 (Produced for NTV)
4. Bhakunde Bhoot (Produced for NTV)
5. Pandra Gate (Produced for NTV)
6. Dashain (Produced for NTV)
7. Chiranjivi (Produced for JICA)
8. Raat (Produced for UNDP)
9. Banpale (Produced for King Mahendra Natural Conservation Trust)
10. Sur Besur (Produced for MaHa Sanchar)
11. Ohho! (Produced for BBC and HMG/Nepal)
12. Kantipur (Produced for Kathmandu Metropolitan City)
13. Rajmarg (Produced for Community Health Program)
14. Pani (Produced for Nepal Jaycees)
15. Kalajar (Produced for CECI)
16. Ashal Logne (Produced for NFHP)
17. Laxmi (Produced for Nepal Rastra Bank)
18. Laal Purja (Produced for MaHa Sanchar)
19. Tike ko Tin Mantra ( About condom).
20. Shristee (Produced for Plan Nepal. About birth registration).
21. Jalpareee (Produced for ENFO. About rainwater harvesting).
22. Virus (Produced for FNCCI.- About anti-corruption).
23. MaHa Chautari (About different conflicts of Nepal).
24. Left right left(Produced for FHI)
25. Madan Bahadur Hari Bahadur( Produced by Maha Sanchar)(program on informing people about the constitutional assembly )


2)Filim ,
4)Basudev ,
5)Ke Ghar Ke Deraa,
6)Shilu (Newari) ,
7)Mala ,
8)Truck Driver,
9) Balidaan ,
10)Je Bho Ramrai Bho,
11)Sukha Dukha ,
13)hansideu na ek fera


1. Gorkha Dakshin Bahu - His Majesty of Government
2. Jagadamba Shree Award 2047 (1991) - Madan Puraskar Guthi
3. Jaycees Youth Award 1988 - Nepal Jaycees
4. Rashtriya Yuba Gaurav Samman 2054 - Antarrastriya Manch Nepal
5. Best Comedian 2043 (1986) - Lions Club Bishal Bazar
6. Best Actor 2054 (1992) - Abhiyan
7. Best Director 2048 (1992) - Tele Film Award
8. Best Script Writer
9. Best Dialogue 2047 (1991) - Nepal Video Film Organization
10. Best Singer 2026 (1969) - Prakash Pustakalaya, Jochen, Kathmandu
11. Abhiyan Shree Award 2057 (2000)
12. Nepal Samman 2057 Nepal Felicitation 2000 - Everest Foundation Nepal
13. Best Character Artist Award 2056 (2056) - Nepal Motion Picture Association
14. Outstanding Contribution Award 2058 (1001) - Nepal Motion Picture Award
15. Millennium Khyali Juju Award 2057 (2000)
16. Hari Tara Award 2052 (1996) - Nepal Film Artist Association
17. Best Dialogue - Nepal Film Artist Association
18. Best Story Writer - Abhiyan
19. Appreciation Award 1999 - The Everest Magazine, Toronto, Canada
20. Lux Movie Award 2003 - The Best Character Artist

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