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Top Things to do in Pokhara - Gorkhaly's Blog

Pokhara is a beautiful city located in Nepal. Pokhara is also known as the City of Lake. Pokhara is surrounded by lakes. Pokhara is the heaven on the earth. Sightseeing Pokhara with a canned of Beer is the best experience. The Nightlife in Pokhara becomes a good experience in Pokhara. Pokhara city is the gateway to Annapurna Circuit. The temperature of Pokhara is excellent. Here below are the top things to do in Pokhara.

Phewa Lake

               Phewa Lake is the beautiful lake located at Pokhara.It is the second largest lake of Nepal The reflection of Mount Machapuchre adds a beauty to it. You can have a great experience with the boating on the Traditional boat. You can have a good time with friends on the lake side.


               It is an award concept of paragliding with trained birds of prey. Imagine how you will feel when you are gliding hundreds of feet above the ground and a bird flew to you and rest your arm. If you cannot really imagine at all then I’ll suggest giving a try. This concept also helps to conserve the endangered species of birds. The concept is unique and obviously adventurous.


 Sarankot is famous for viewing sunrise.It is 1592 meter high viewpoint and many tourists climb up the view point early in the morning to observe the sun rise. The golden and red glare on the white mountains really makes you feel that you are surrounded by golden mountains. The paragliding can be done from Sarankot. You can have a good experience there.


               It is a recreational aviation flight for people who enjoy adventure and natural beauty. There is a simple glider style motorized cabin flown by the captain and you are not surrounded by any sort walls or glasses, so you can feel the air up in the sky and stare wonderful natural beauty. You can observe the glaring mountains closely and I can promise that you will feel like a bird for a moment. It is not that expensive and you can give a try for peculiar fun.

Riding in Zipline

               Pokhara has one of the longest and tallest zipline in the world. The two minutes ride has a vertical drop of 2000 feet and is 1800 meters long and you travel at the speed of 120 KPH. That sounds awesome, isn’t it? The incline of 56 degrees really makes the ride more adventurous and fun. When you have a ride you feel like, you are entirely surrounded by nature with slight tickling in the stomach. I can bet that you have experienced such a ride in such a beautiful place of the world ever in your life, in addition, do not forget to record your funny faces during the ride.

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