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Top 5 Nepali Pranksters - Gorkhaly's Blog

Youtube is possessing the world in a fast rate. It has produced billions of dollars for the web monster Google. Be that as it may, it doesn't win for google additionally for its substance makers.YouTube is a social site of Video sharing. The craze of doing pranks is rapidly increasing in Nepal. Here are the top 5 Nepali Pranksters.
nepali pranksters

1) Nepali Pranksters:

Nepali Prankster is Nepal's first Prank Channel which was started by Prankster Akash and Prankster Ashish. With the adage of "I lead the road", prankster Akash from 'Nepali prankster' claims himself the main prankster in Nepal. He has been "administering" the lanes of Kathmandu and a few sections of terai belt with his entertaining tricks, social examinations and general assessments on national undertakings since 2013 Nov. He is near hitting 64k endorsers soon. He succesfully flatulate tricked a standout amongst the most rumored rap group "Underdogs" which has as of now increased fair measure of perspectives and positive inputs. Bomb trick with more than 1.7m and hatchet trick with 601k perspectives are his most mainstream endeavors. He has been even impeded several times by cops while performing alarming tricks.

2) Prankster Revival:

Just 11 months in Nepali trick scene and prankster ashish with his kindred companions have gone too far winning 50k+ endorsers and with more than 7m sees, making it the quickest developing Nepali trick channel. He was one of the originator individuals from the most established Nepali trick channel however because of a few reasons, he needed to begin his own channel and he is doing quite well with new one. Aside from tricks, this person likewise includes himself in compassionate acts and social investigations.

3) Laugh Nepal Laugh: 

This group of pranksters is the master of awkwardness and their most awkward ‘Bhikhari prank’ is way too hilarious. This channel was founded in September of 2015. They have managed to earn 7.8k  of subscribers with total views of about 1m in less than a year already.

4) Royal jack- pure Nepali prank:

Participated in 2015 walk, this channel has as of now increased much notoriety and is turning into watcher's most loved decision with more than 9.6k endorsers and aggregate perspectives of 1.98m. They don't simply do tricks yet get included in comic drama recordings and vines as well. 'Nepali prankmaster – offering gaja' is their most seen trick with more than 290k perspectives.

5) ASAP Prank Production:

ASAP prank production has over 5.1k of subscribers and has 1million video views. This prank channel has upped the level of Nepali prank with their most praiseworthy prank ‘Singing to stranger prank’ which went viral and had been viewed 147k times .

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