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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Nepal - Gorkhaly's Blog

In the present context, Online Shopping is one of the most famous shopping methods in all over the world. It is becoming popular because it saves our both time and money, this is the major advantages of the Online Shopping. Nowadays we can select the products and order the items. And if we don't like that product, the product can be returned. Due to this reason also, the craze in the shopping through online are increasing. Here we are discussing the top 10 Nepali online shopping sites. The online method of buying and selling products in Nepal are increasing

Here is the list of top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal.

1. Kaymu
kaymu nepal

 Kaymu ( is one of the top online shopping sites of Nepal. Kaymu is the trademark shopping agency of From Kaymu we can buy different products of Electronics, Clothes and so on.

2. Hamrobazar

Hamrobazar ( is a free online classified store which allows all types of sellers to list a variety of products online for potential consumers. The website launched its mobile app which enables the retailers to list all their products online for free and also it helps the buyers order without having to log in to a computer. The app is also compatible with tablets and other types of devices.

3. Nepbay

Nepbay ( of the most downloaded shopping apps in Nepal is Nepbay. NepBay provides a platform for buyers and sellers. One can easily put their products on the website while the consumers can order whatever they want. The website launched its mobile application which allows consumers to know about ongoing sales. Also, the customers can buy products directly by using their phones.

4. SastoDeal:
sasto deal
SastoDeal ( is one of the biggest online shopping stores in Kathmandu, Nepal. The buying of men, women, kids clothes, watches, shoes, electronics, apparel, jewelry, beauty products online at an affordable price.

5. MeroShopping: 
mero shopping

MeroShopping ( is one of the leading Online Shopping stores in Kathmandu, Nepal. The buying of online Best Branded home appliances, health beauty product for Men and Women Free Delivery all over Nepal.


Muncha ( is an online shopping mall in Nepal that can be used to send gifts to people in Nepal. The muncha products include cakes, flowers, sweets, apparel, electronics, household appliances, computers.

7. Gogazzab

Gogazzab ( is an online shopping platform that allows buyers and sellers to interact online. It offers the largest selection of products, unbeatable prices, and hassle-free experience for our customers. With the addition of 100+ unique products each day, is on its way to being Nepal’s first online megastore.

8. Shopmandu

Shopmandu ( is the online marketplace in Nepal where buyers and sellers can meet and make awesome deals thanks to the fixed pricing system. offers Online Shopping experience in Nepal with Home Delivery facility. Buying premium brands cosmetics, maternity wear, gym clothes are also available. It has a service of Paying Cash on Delivery.

9. Kinmel

The Kinmel ( online shopping apps allow the buyers to shop and browse for the website’s huge collection of products. In this website, one can know about, the sales and sellers can even post their advertisements for their products on the app. The services includes Shopping in Kathmandu Nepal. Wholesale Nepali shopping. Nepal shop. Shop laptops, mobiles, clothes, gifts, and shoes home delivery in Kathmandu.

10. Threadpaints

Threadpaints Store ( is one of the leading Online Shopping Store in Nepal. Threadpaints provides varieties Items for Ladies and Gents Apparels and Watches in Nepal.

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