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Top 10 Nepali Famous Foods in Nepal - Gorkhaly's Blog

Nepal is a country full of different cultures and multiethnic groups. Each community has a culture of having different foods. In visiting Nepal, various food can be tested. Nepali foods are the best food which is loved by the peoples all over the world. The Nepali foods are tasty and good for health. The foodies experience become perfect with having Nepali foods. The popular Nepali foods are Dal Bhat Tarkari, Pulao, Momo and so on. Here below are the top Nepali foods in Nepal.

Top 10 Nepali Famous Foods in Nepal

1. Dal Bhat:
dal bhat
Dal Bhat Tarkari is a Nepali Food which is popular all over Nepal. Nepalese have Dal Bhat twice a day. The Dal Bhat Dishes is incomplete without Tarkari, Bhat (Rice) is the streaming process of Rice.  Dal Bhat Tarkari is the balanced diet throughout Nepal.

2. Momo:
Momo is the best foods that are available in different hotels and restaurants. It is the second most popular foods of Nepal. Momo can be made up of Chicken, Vegetables, Buff and also from other ingredients. Buff Momos are popular all over Nepal, especially in Kathmandu. The Momos are eaten with different Chatanis.

3. Gundruk Dhido:
gundruk dhido
Gundruk Dhido is also one of the popular Nepali dishes. It was most popular in village areas. Dhido is the dish which is made up with millet and other corns. It is one of the healthy meal which is the famous food in Nepal. Nowadays it is popular in town areas too. Dhido can be found in different restaurants.

4. Pulao:
Pulao is the super light dish which is the perfect food for dinner. Pulao can contains different vegetables too. It can also be taken as the famous foods in Nepal.

5. Selroti:
sel roti
Sel roti is the popular Nepali foods which are especially made within the festival like Tihar. Sel roti is the tasty food which is the top famous Nepali foods in Nepal. It is prepared by using cinnamon, butter, cream, banana and sugar.

6. Kheer:
Kheer is the famous Nepali food which is made up of rice and milk with the masala ingredients. The Kheer is especially eaten in the month of Shrawan.

7. Thukpa:
Thukpa is also the Nepali tasty food which is especially found in different hotels and restaurants. It contains the ingredients like Chowmein ingredients and other masala products.

8. Aalu Tama:
aalu tama
Aalu tama is the special dish from Hilly region. It contains the main ingredients of Bamboo shoots. It is also the popular food in Nepal. Yoghurt can also be added to it.

9. Kwati:
Kwati is also the Nepali food which is very tasty. Kwaty is especially prepared on the month of Janani Purnima. It is easy to prepare and is super nutritious.

10. Yamari:
Yamari is the popular Newari food. It is the special food of Newars.

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