Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Free .com.np domain name registration for Nepal

Domain name is generally 2-3 characters isolated by a period "." that focuses to a specific PC system, for example, the web. It is a set by the standard DNS (Domain Name System). DNS is the address book of the web and space names work under it. In the DNS structure, Top Level Domains (TLD) are at the most abnormal amount.
It additionally has diverse sorts. Among its sorts is ccTLD (nation code Top Level Domain). ccTLD comprises of 2 letters set for specific geological area. For instance: .np is for Nepal, .au is for Australia. The following sort is gTLD (nonexclusive Top Level Domain) whose cases are .com, .net, .business, .organization, .information, and so on. Free .com.np area, Internet ccTLD of Nepal was presented in 1995. Enlistment benefit for the .np space is sans given of charge by Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd.
The registration process is amended now and is easier too. To register for the .np domain, just follow the following steps:
Go to your browser and go to register.mos.com.np which is Nepal’s official page for .np domain registration.You will then see empty fields which need to be filled as per your information.You will have to provide information regarding the domain name, full name, e-mail address, contact number, address, and primary and secondary name server. You will have no problem providing this information. For the domain name, use your name or the company’s name. Provide your full address in the respective field. Primary and secondary name server is required so that you can host your web page in WWW (World Wide Web). There are many free web hosting services that you can find. You can use their primary and secondary name servers. If you are confused, just enter NS01.000WEBHOST.com in the primary name server and NS02.000WEBHOST.com in the secondary name server. 000Webhost is the company that has been providing free web hosting services and is very popular as well.Then you will have to upload a file for the verification. The size must be <800 KB. So, you should have a scanned copy of your required documents beforehand. For personal domain, you can use your citizenship card, license card or passport. For organisation domain, you should have documents regarding registration of the company/organisation, citizenship and application for requesting domain in the company’s letter pad.After you have uploaded all the required documentation, click on request.A new dialogue box opens, written “Success= Thank you for requesting domain name”.It takes a few days to activate the domain name. You will be sent a mail to your email address via Mercantile to let you know if your domain is approved or not.

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