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Top 5 Temples in Nepal - Gorkhaly's Blog

Nepal is the country full of Temples. Nepal consists of all the temples belongs to all different religion. And here are top five famous temples in Nepal with its description of each.

Top 5 Temples in Nepal:

  1. Pashupatinath Temple :
    Pashupatinath is the World’s most famous Hindu temple. It is one of the most sacred temples of Hindu faiths. It is located on the in Kathmandu Nepal at the bank of Bagmati river. In Pashutipatinath, only Hindus are allowed to go inside the temple. This temple is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The main temple is designed in Nepalese Pagoda Style. This is the main temple of Lord Shiva. Mainly, the festival "Shivaratri" is celebrated in Pashupati Temple with having Ganja "Weed".
  2. Muktinath Temple: 
    muktinath temple
            Muktinath is the top temples in Nepal located in Mustang, Nepal. Muktinath is one of the sacred places for Hindus and Buddhist. It is said that Tibetan Guru Rinpoche, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, had mediated in Muktinath on his way to Tibet. Many Buddhist and Hindu visits to the temple every year.
  3. Manakamana Temple:
    manakamana temple
    Manakamana temple is the top temples of Nepal of Hindu Goddess Bhagwati. Manakamana is located in the Gorkha district of Nepal. The word Manakamana is derived from two words; Mana which means heart and Kamana which mean wish. So, many Hindus believe that their heart wish will be fulfilled by worship the temple.Mankamana is believed to be found in the 17th century.
  4. Swayambhunath Stupa:
    swyambhunath temple
    Swayambhunath stupa is the Nepali ancient religious temple. It is one of the top temples in Nepal. It is the main temple of Buddhism religion It was believed that Kathmandu valley was once a lake in between which there was a lotus. Manju Shree cut the gorge at Chovar. Then, the pond became Kathmandu Valley, Lotus became the hill and flower turned into the Swayambhunath stupa. It is also called as the temple of Monkeys.
  5. Lumbini Temple: 
    lumbini temple
          Lumbini is the Birth place of Gautam Buddha which is located in Rupandehi District. Lumbini is one of the most famous Buddhist Pilgrimage sites. Lumbini was listed in UNESCO World Heritage list in 1997. It has many other temples like Mayadevi temple, ancient monasteries, a sacred Bodhi tree, an ancient bathing pond.

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